Arabic Community

Building Relationships in Mississauga & Beyond

City Centre is rooted in a growing multicultural population that needs to know our Lord and Saviour. Our Arabic Community ministry provides a gathering place for active Arabic-speaking people to worship, a place to develop family relationships and grow spiritually. Reaching out to and integrating people into church through evangelism, discipleship and ongoing ministry is our desire for the Arabic-speaking people of Mississauga and beyond.
This ministry respects all Canadians, newcomers to this country, all cultures and religious backgrounds. We provide Sunday worship services, Bible study, prayer and discipleship groups that help nurture relationships with community members and help build up people through discipleship and share the love of Christ through care opportunities.
Do you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus? Are you looking for a place develop ongoing relationships and be a part of your own church family? Why not check out our Arabic Ministry and join in worship with a vibrant and active community.

Sunday Bible Study :: 1pm here | 8pm in Lebanon

Pastor Armen broadcasts on Facebook Live. Please join in with our growing Arabic Community!
If you want more information please contact Pastor Armen.