About Us
City Centre is a multi-cultural family of believers from many countries around the world.  Our congregation includes all ages and backgrounds and truly represents the community in which we serve. We have a broad range of programs and there’s definitely something for everyone! No matter what stage you are at in life or on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here!
To be a Spirit-filled and unified church family who are working together to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and build believers on the foundation of God’s Word.
To make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20)
20/20 VISION
Our City Centre community is focusing on the BIG 3. Join us and live life in Community!
The image to the left is available in a magnet to use as a reminder at home. Drop by the Welcome Centre to pick up one for your home.
If you would like to hear the full sermon regarding City Centre’s 20/20 Vision, please see the January 5, 2020 Sermon preached by Pastor Deric.
Make Disciples – Reaching & Building
City Centre takes Matthew 28:18-20 to heart! One of the graphics that we use to visualize the 5 Habits that growing Christians should have is to the right. If you would like to know more about these important habits please check them out!


We are affiliated with the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada or as it is affectionately known to it’s members “The Fellowship”. We are part of the FEB Central Region. We also are affiliated with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) and are members of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.